Laci Parker, LMT

Laci Parker is a massage, mind and body enthusiast. Having spent her first five years in health care as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she found herself frustrated with the conventional medical approach. This frustration ignited a desire for a better understanding of all-around health and an unquenchable thirst to learn how to help people.

Upon entering massage school, Laci found not only the answer to her questions but a passion. She was hired by one of my instructors directly after where she went on to study medical massage and sports massage. These trainings opened Laci’s eyes to a new understanding of the body can be manipulated and adjusted to truly enhance a person’s quality of life. Inspired, Laci went on to complete trainings in Ashiatsu, Ashi-thai, Reflexology, Injury Training with Ben Benjamin, Myofacial release training through Anatomy Trains, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and CDL, Reiki one and two, and Reiki Masters. She continues to add to this list every year.

Laci also has experience – personally and professionally – supporting individuals with special needs. Having an autistic son, she intimately knows the unspoken frustrations and challenges of such individuals. As a result, she is always adapting and improving her massage skills to help her clients with different limitations.

Ultimately, what Laci loves most about being a massage therapist is helping clients truly ease their pain and to educate people about their bodies for better health and a better life.

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