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Karden & Boundless

Pre-Running Techniques

Remember the fundamentals. Tissues and joints are stiff and stuck from sitting (and not moving enough in general). Stretching, i.e yanking on stiff and stuck joints and tissues is unwise. They need to be activated, mobilized and warmed up to perform at their best and avoid injury.

  • Start by warming up your foot and ankles with ankle circles, calf presses and small hops
  • Do active ROM exercises use a strap around the sole of the foot
  • Warm up the knees with some slow quality squats and lunges
  • Warm up the hips with some high knees, high knees with hand resistance, single hip circles and tandem hip circles
  • Do active ROM of the hip joint laying supine with a strap
  • Do 30 seconds of plank mountain climbers to active your core and flexors of the hip
  • Take 2 to 3 minutes mindful practicing your running form, exaggerating certain movements and exploring your range of motion

Post-Running Techniques

After a run, your tissues are fatigued and as a result of your soon to be non-moving (i.e sitting in a chair or car) are going to contract and start to get stuck and stiff again. Therefore, our goal is to keep them mobile and hydrated.

  • Start by taking your body through a shorter version of the same mobility exercises you engaged in pre-run
  • Grab your therapy balls or foam roller and do some brief massage of your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and outer hips
  • Stay hydrated – drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day
  • Keep moving! Make sure you get up for at least 2 minutes for every 30 minutes of not moving. *if you are seated for 45 minutes or more, be careful and mobilize slowly (even getting out of your chair) because a quick movement may tweak the muscles or joints that just got stuck

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