Karden is the founder of Boundless. With over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field, he has used a signature integrative approach that draws from a variety of modalities—including bodywork, therapeutic massage and mindfulness training—to transform the lives of hundreds of clients.

After struggling through his youth with illness and injury, Karden decided to be an agent of healthy change in his life. He credits a college class in sculpture and movement with helping him discover that he loved working with his hands. He attended the Finger Lakes School of Massage, where he devoured all of his course- and practical work, as well as Eastern philosophy. He also studied an array of wellness sciences at prestigious institutions such as Kripalu and The Milne Institute for Visionary Craniosacral Work, and with renowned teachers like Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, and Tom Myers, inventor of Anatomy Trains.

Through his studies, Karden was able to become his own “laboratory” for refining how he works with clients. Combining time-tested techniques and principles from many modalities, he excels at designing integrative wellness solutions for individuals and groups that create breakthrough results in health and quality of life.

Beyond his bodywork services, Karden also teaches a myriad of stress, mental, and emotional management approaches, including meditation, present-time awareness, Yoga Nidra, HeartMATH, and breathing practices.

Ever the entrepreneur, Karden has created multiple projects and businesses, including Wellcast, an online wellness educational platform; Prologue Sessions, a live-event series for realizing your career dreams; and For the Love of Pie, an artisan bakery, and Mighty Brittle, a craft candy manufacturer. He counts visionaries such as Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Roger Smith—Renaissance men who used their lives and work in extraordinary ways—among his inspirations. Karden lives in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, with his talented and inspiring wife, Gillian, and sweet soft cat, Cheshire.

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