Boundless offers a full complement of private yoga and MOVENOMICS instruction in the Berkshires, in our West Stockbridge studio—close to Lenox, Richmond, Stockbridge, Great Barrington, Pittsfield, and Lee, Massachusetts, as well as to Chatham, New Lebanon, Austerlitz, and other locations in Columbia County, New York.


Private Yoga or MOVENOMICS session for one

$90 | 60 minutes
$120 | 90 minutes

Duet Yoga or MOVENOMICS session for two

$120 | 60 minutes
$150 | 90 minutes

Group Yoga or MOVENOMICS session
Price varies depending on size of group; contact us for information


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New to yoga or just looking to grow in your practice? Our expert instructors will provide you with an enjoyable experience and personalized attention. You’ll leave your session feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Private group yoga classes are a great treat for special occasions such as birthdays, bridal showers, wedding parties, and office parties. Our expert instructors will work with you to tailor the class to your group and create a phenomenal experience.


Tools, Techniques, and Routines for Maximizing Flexibility and Eliminating Pain

Movenomics teaches students how to increase their mobility and resolve their own musculoskeletal pain using therapeutic massage tools, advanced release techniques, and guided relaxation. Students are taught how to use tools such as foam rollers, massage balls and straps to open and ease painful areas of their body. In addition, key mobilizations are introduced that bring range of motion and stability back to stuck tissues and joints. Along with the self-massage tools and movement, students will be led through simple and powerful relaxation techniques that decrease pain, tightness, and anxiety while instilling a profound feeling of peace and calm.


Each Boundless instructor is an experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable professional, and we look forward to crafting a program that gives you freedom from chronic pain, increased range of motion, and ease of mobility.